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Built in the 1960s, McAlister Hall housed a variety of functions until 2017, most of which were moved to the newly renovated Armerding Center. The extensive renovation, which culminated in the opening of the new building at the end of 2017 and the addition of a new lecture hall, began in 2016. Many of the functions previously housed in McAlisters Hall and Pierce Chapel moved to the newer building at the end of 2017.

In 2009, a backstage annex was completed, which included the addition of a new auditorium and a second stage, as well as the construction of the lobby of the Armerding Center.

The conservatory also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music, which combines 40 hours of music lessons with a course in liberal arts and general education. The Bachelor of Music includes a Bachelor in Music Education and a Master in Art Education. It also runs a community arts school that serves the needs of music and art education in the surrounding communities.

Performances and studies are an integral part of the curriculum, and the degree requires at least 40 hours of music lessons and 30 hours per year for performance studies.

Most years there is an event where the ensembles of the Conservatory perform choral and orchestral works, which are joined by other special artists. Recent guest appearances have included the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony.

The Artist Series brings professional performing arts groups to the campus in several events throughout the school year. The ensembles are the most visible part of the conservatory and offer students a variety of performances, from choral and orchestral works to jazz and classical music. The Edman Memorial Chapel houses the U.S. Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra and a number of other special events, including concerts, recitals and other events. In addition to being used as a venue for students, lecturers and performers, this concert hall is also used for student prayers and church services.

In 2011, the Pierce Chapel Wheaton, built by Charles Hendrickson, was donated and installed at the back of the chapel. Pierce's Chapel is now the Conservatory's concert hall and was built on the site of a former church building in the center of the campus, next to the main building.

He teaches in the fields of art, music and theatre and at the conservatory he is also a full-time lecturer in music with a master's degree in music education. Tier, the director who manages all programs, is under the supervision of the dean and oversees teaching, research and public relations.

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