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The city of Wheaton, Illinois, may be overshadowed by its Chicago neighbors, but it deserves a lot of credit for its nature and the fun things it can do. This affluent city of 53,000 people has many attractions to itself, making it a great place to explore the attractions of Chicago and its suburbs.

If you live in a luxury apartment in Wheaton, Illinois, you will never run out of fun things in the parking system that bring you closer to the Wheaton community, get you outdoors and help you live a good life. The Wheonas Apartments are the perfect place for outdoor and nature lovers as they are surrounded by award-winning parks - award-winning parks are one of the most important factors in life in any Chicago apartment complex, especially if you live in Wheatons 121. There are always a lot of parks and trails to choose from, from the many parks in the city to the many nature trails. In addition to clean and accessible parks for the whole family, the Wheontons Park District offers a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults, including hiking, biking, camping, fishing, swimming, hiking and much more.

If you are traveling with children, you will find that Wheaton and its surrounding area offer a variety of attractions that appeal to young travelers.

Attractions and activities include the Wheaton Museum of Art, Illinois State Museum and University of Illinois in Chicago. If you want to learn something new, head to the National Park Serviceas National Historic Landmarks Park in the town of Whe Eaton.

The museum houses a variety of scientific exhibits, including one that demonstrates the science behind the formation of tornadoes, and another that sheds light on the mysteries of space. Start your visit at the DuPage County Historical Museum, which has several permanent exhibitions telling the story of the Wheaton area. Look for the Illinois State Museum and University of Illinois at Chicago and the National Park Serviceas National Historic Landmarks Park.

As part of the Wheaton Park District, the zoo has received accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums through its National Park Service certification program.

The Billy Graham Center, named after the college's most famous graduate, is located on Wheaton campus and houses a museum dedicated to the life and legacy of the late Rev. Billy G. Graham. Lincoln Park Zoo has the diversity of Brookfield Zoo, but has a smaller facility and good rates (free), making it a perfect day trip out of town. Cosley Zoo in Cantigny Park is much smaller than Brookfields and Lincoln Parks, but you can get up close and personal with animals and learn more about them in the Lincoln Park Zoos and Aquarium section of its website.

If it's a bad time to visit Wheaton, you might want to plan a day trip to the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign or Illinois State University, Chicago, if possible.

Admire the restoration of the prairie in the West Chicago Prairie and admire the picturesque Fox River or visit St. James Farm and Forest Preserve. Head to Great Lakes National Park and Illinois State University in Chicago for views of Lake Michigan, the Chicago River and Lake Shore Drive. Stop at the St. James Farm & Forest preserves and admires the wildlife and scenic views from the U.S. Forest Service's Lakeview Park.

Take the Metra into downtown Chicago and return with a reduced total travel length if a one-way street is preferred. Bebe take the west arm of the DuPage River Trail to get you off the road. The access to North Ave in Wheaton is via Narrow Rd or Geneva Rd, which becomes a two-lane road with access to Lake Shore Drive and Lakeview Drive.

Wheaton's historic downtown offers a variety of unique dining options, starting with the Irish Pub with a dessert, Kimmer Ice Cream topped with chocolate biscuits, ice cream, chocolate chips and caramel sauce. Explore the two major bike lanes that run through the city and add two miles to your loop. Take a detour and stop at the Wheaton Public Library, where you can enjoy a variety of refreshments including coffee, beer, wine and wine.

Town Square Wheaton offers a variety of shopping options, including restaurants, shops, restaurants and a number of retail stores and restaurants. The Rice Lake Square Shopping Center is located in the heart of the city on Danada Square, named after Dan and Ada Rice, at the intersection of Lake Street and Lake Avenue, south of Main Street and west of State Street.

Naperville Road, a north-south road that runs from Butterfield Road in the south to just before Roosevelt Road in the center of Wheaton. It includes a number of restaurants and shops as well as a variety of retail shops, restaurants and restaurants.

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