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To fulfill our mission of connecting people with hunger, we need two call center representatives to join our team. You are responsible for the daily tasks that come to the large number of motivated and enthusiastic people we want to add to our EatStreet Delivery team! This new career will allow you to earn more money and perform a variety of tasks, such as customer care, customer service, marketing, advertising and much more.

We encourage all candidates to apply and ask each person to give us a brief description of their desired position and level of experience. We offer training and training in managing the sales and marketing functions of the company for our customers. This is a full-time position with at least two years of experience in the restaurant industry, but we encourage any entry-level candidate to apply.

Administrators and volunteers can help with basic computer needs such as navigating the Internet. The centre offers tutorials on computer programs, including basic programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and Java, as well as a wide range of other computer skills.

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Perform entrance fee - level office work related to the renewal of contracts at Andersen companies - owned by retail locations. Perform data protection work in connection with the renewal of contracts for Andersen - company-owned locations and retail sales.

Home to the office of the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Business Development and Business Operations of Andersen Company every day.

In addition, Wheaton College strives to provide students, staff and faculty with a physically safe environment to learn and work. We train and certify ourselves according to the latest and most effective procedures available, while contributing to our field through innovation in research and education.